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storyteller, dusty shelf dweller, witching the hours

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I have been actively teaching about Tarot, witchcraft, folk beliefs, and creative writing for over a decade.  My classes are inclusive, beginner-friendly, and fun!  I welcome the chance to introduce my passions to new friends, in person and online!

Tarot 101 | Online

February 15th, 7:00 EST // PRIVATE EVENT

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forever spooky

K the Ghost here!  I am a non-binary death witch living in the bluegrass.  Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon, Aquarius Rising -- I love structure and order, making things pretty, and adding an eccentric flair to most of my projects.  I am an avid lover of all things spooky, cozy, autumn, and coffee-related.  You can catch me in all black, comfy sweaters, snuggling my two furbabies, reading a stack of books, typing poems and stories, and exploring the middle of nowhere.  I also enjoy playing video games and running an online roleplaying forum.

I am a published journalist and poet, a proud student and reader of Tarot (over 25 years!), maker of random art, musician at the heart, once-cool photographer, and patron saint of crab rangoon.


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